Address Verification Fee

Term – Address Verification Fee (AVS Fee)

How These Fees Appear on Statements –

  • AVS

Address Verification Fee Range: $0.05 – $0.35 Per Transaction

Summary – A type of fee which compares data points such as street address and the zip code provided by the card user and the issuing bank. The Address Verification Service (AVS) is meant to be protect against fraud and typically used in card not present orders.

Note: Eliminate Card Fees has eliminated the address verification fee for all clients with our innovative Edge program.

More Address Verification Fee Information

If you saw an address verification fee pop-up on your merchant processing statement, you likely want to know what that fee actually means. The address verification service is meant to be a layer of protection for business owners who work with transaction typically over the internet or the phone.

The results of the AVS service will be a full, partial, or no match and allows business owners to make a determination on how to proceed given each scenario. This address verification fee does not exist on our cash discount program. The goal is to match the data provided by the card holder and the issuing bank and therefor prevent fraudulent transactions.

The AVS fee is a charge which varies from $0.05 to $0.35+. The fee depends on the company utilized as some sales agents are given free reign to input any number they desire into a blank box. This activity is encourages as the merchant processing company will typically receive a split on any of these fees. Typically there is a base cost to the address verification fee and it is marked up. At, any fee that is mandatory we cover for full transparency.

However, not all payment processors or acquiring banks charge an address verification (AVS) fee. If you came to this page looking for information though, it is likely you found yourself paying this fee.

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