Card Association

Term – Card Association a.k.a – card networks or payment card networks.

Summary – Card associations are a vital piece to the merchant processing puzzle whether for cash discount programs or traditional merchant processing. These financial organizations manage the electronic transactions for all types of cards which allows merchants to take payments from cards. Some of the most major card associations you have likely heard of is Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & AMEX.

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Card association merchant processing – even with cash discount programs are an essential aspect of the program. Enabling the secure method of payment for consumers is akin to a trust symbol as a merchant must submit an application and often times, go through underwriting to get approved. Consumers also know they have the opportunity to do a chargeback for various reasons so feel much more protected and safe when using a card.

However, with this benefit comes fees from the card associations. Eliminate Card Fees is proud to offer the Edge program which effectively eliminates all merchant processing fees in a unique way.

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