Card-Present Transactions

Term – Card-Present Transactions

Summary – With this type of transaction, the card which can be a credit or debit card is physically present. The card will be presented at either a point of sale (POS) or a payment terminal during the transaction. Card-Present transactions are able to be done with traditional merchant processing and cash discount programs.

More Information on Card-Present Transactions

This is an important term as it offers the cheapest rates for traditional processing. Card-Present transactions is the opposite of card not present transactions where a card is taken over the phone or entered online. As you may imagine, card not present typically presents an increased likelihood of fraud.

Card-Present Transaction Examples:

A customer physically swipes their credit card in a terminal at a car dealership. Cash discount program or merchant programs both apply.

A customer hands their credit card to a waitress at a restaurant.

Google Wallet or Apple Pay contactless payment methods count for card-present transactions as the consumer is present during the transaction and interact physically with the payment terminal.

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