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Term – Chargeback Fee

How These Chargeback Fees Appear on Statements –


Chargeback Fee Range: $20.00 – $100.00 Per Transaction

Summary – Chargeback fees add insult to injury. These fees are imposed to to lessen the costs associated with administrative processing costs, investigating the dispute, and managing the resolution process.

More Information on Chargeback Fees

If you are a small business, having a few chargebacks in one month can be catastrophic. With some merchant processing companies charging $50 to $100 per chargeback, it adds up quickly. Chargeback fees are present in cash discount programs and traditional merchant accounts.

At Eliminate Card Fees, our team knows sometimes you just get an unruly customer that can never be satisfied. For merchants, the first 3 chargeback’s in any calendar year is covered by us. That’s right. We’ll pull out our wallet to cover those expenses for you. If it happens a 4th time, you’ll be satisfied knowing we charge the absolute lowest possible chargeback fee in the industry. The fee is minimal and passed on directly from the sponsor bank whereas other companies add margin to this fee.

If you have any questions on how Eliminate Card Fees can eliminate the first chargeback fee and then two more, and all other fees, give us a call to learn more at 877-624-8043

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