How Much Can Your Equipment Rental Company Save by Paying 0%?

Estimate your net revenue gains with an equipment rental company cash discount program or surcharge. Programs for equipment rental companies vary by State.


Monthly Savings*


Estimate the monthly savings when you pay 0% processing fees via our surcharge or cash discount program.

Monthly Credit Card Sales: $10,000 / Month

* Estimated Savings Per Month Based on a 3.5% Average Credit Card Processing Rate.

All About Cash Discount Program for Equipment Rental Companies

Chances are you used the calculator to see the cash discount program for equipment company potential. This innovative program is an exciting way to control costly credit card processing fees…by eliminating them. You can say goodbye to hidden monthly fees, PCI compliance fees, termination fees, and random fees for good. This entire page is dedicated solely to surcharge pricing for equipment rental companies and cash discount programs. In practice, we’ve seen this program free up in excess of $10,000.00+ per month in some instances.

According to InternationalRentalNews, rates that were 3-4% are now at 8-9%. It is clear that acquiring new equipment can be more costly than ever when you want to expand your equipment offerings. Even if you need to do a repair or maintenance, the cost of parts has also increased dramatically as well. While inflation, cost of goods, and cost of labor are out of our control; credit card processing fees are within your control.

These programs are not new. They’ve been around for over 10+ years. Several business owners are opting to no longer fund their customers’ exotic credit card reward programs. They are simply passing the processing rates to the customer. It isn’t something you’ll profit from, rather eliminate your processing fees to allow you to use that capital in ways to offer better service, better maintenance, or even towards aggressive marketing.

The Clear Advantages of an Equipment Rental Cash Discount Programs

When considering making the switch to free up additional capital for various uses, you might be curious about what other advantages exist to make the switch. First and foremost is the core advantage of the program which is the elimination of credit card processing fees.

With, the largest advantage is that you won’t need to worry about any setup fees, monthly fees, equipment fees, PCI compliance fees, etc. There are simply no recurring fees or setup costs involved.

Now, when you eliminate merchant processing fees for equipment rental companies you can use those funds however you wish. We’ve seen our clients use the new funds for scaling marketing campaigns, implementing new advertising campaigns, more proactive maintenance of their equipment, and even acquiring new equipment to grow their offerings. vs Other Merchant Providers


Processing Fees?

Setup Fees?

3.5%+ Processing Fees

Termination Fees?

$195 to $1,495+

Hidden Month Fees?

$295 Termination Fee

PCI compliance fees?

Very Common

Setup Total:


$195 to $1,995 Setup

Monthly Fees:


$1,000 to $10,000+

As a business owner, you have two ways to grow a business. Increase revenue. Decrease expenses. With an equipment rental company surcharge or cash discount, you can do both. Utilize the savings to implement campaigns to push more rentals. That is one way to compound growth.

If you choose a cash discount marketing program, you can also advertise cash discounts on your website and marketing material which may give you a competitive edge. It might be the difference of someone choosing your company vs another company. This is great for equipment rental companies in competitive markets with several competitors.

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Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!


Comparing Cash Discount Programs for Equipment Rental Companies vs Surcharge

The difference between an equipment rental cash discount program vs a surcharge program for equipment rental companies is rather small. They are the exact same program when a customer pays with a credit card. A flat fee that covers most credit cards is applied to the total at checkout.

With a cash discount program, at the register, your customers will be provided with two separate options. A cash option or a credit card option. The cash option will discount 3.5% on the total. The logic is that if they paid with credit cards, you’d net the same amount anyway. So you are giving your customer the deal instead of the major credit card companies.

With a surcharge program, equipment rental companies will not show a cash or credit option at the terminal. The program will simply add the 3.5% surcharge. Many times called a non-cash rate adjustment meant to cover the costs associated with accepting credit cards.
No matter the program you choose, getting set up is simple. Nothing needs to change internally as our no-cost equipment does everything for you. There are no calculations or anything that staff will have to do. They ring up a customer and the customer decides how to pay, just like it is now.

It is important to note that you’re not profiting anything from this change. You are merely covering an expense that you use to be responsible for. Breaking even on the deal. Many clients utilize credit cards strictly for accumulating points and you now will not be funding their airline miles, hotel stays, cash back, etc.

The Math - Surchage & Cash Discount Program for Equipment Rental Companies

To make the breakdown easy, let’s use a real example. Let’s say a customer wants to rent a boom lift for a week. Let’s call it $1,500.00.

With cash discount pricing, the customer would see cash and credit on the terminal. If they choose cash, a 3.5% discount ($52.50) would automatically be applied for a total of $1,447.50. If they chose a credit card, a 3.5% non-cash rate adjustment would be added so it would be $1,552.50.

With a surcharge program, if the customer paid cash there would be no cash discount for a total of $1,500.00. If the customer chose to pay with a credit card, a 3.5% ($52.50) non-cash discount rate would be applied to their charge and automatically added for a total of $1,552.50.

If you choose to offer a cash discount program, you incentivize the client by giving them a way to actually save money which use to go to the processor if they paid via credit card. If you want to maximize savings, you can opt for just a surcharge pricing. This is up to you as most states allow both options and you can remain 100% compliant with surcharge or equipment rental cash discount program.

Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!


How to Start Offering a Cash Discount Program


Give us a call at 877.624.8043 or fill out the form and a representative will reach out to you to answer any questions and send you the application to begin.



There are no setup fees. After approval, you will receive a free terminal that automates the cash discount program. There is no money out of pocket.



Our team will analyze your historical rates to identify a discount rate that is applicable to you. Typical rates are 3-4%.



To maintain compliance, you will have to post the signage. This is also great as it shows customers that you offer a cash discount!