Frequently Asked Questions

You can utilize our calculator which provides you with an estimate. Head over to our home page and select your monthly processing volume to get an accurate estimate of your savings.

This is not a fee and simply an incentive to pay with cash. The non-cash rate adjustment covers the rising expenses associated with accepting credit cards which are waived when you pay in cash.

Yes. We’re your partner. All of our clients get complimentary training of their staff on how to answer common questions posed by patients, clients, or customers. This allows your staff to be confident in answering questions about your new cash discount program.

A program where the merchant is able to eliminate costly merchant fees which typically range from 3%-4% in totality. This is done while remaining fully compliant with guidelines set forth by the major credit card companies. Customers can elect to choose a discounted payment option or pay with their credit card. The pricing options are automatically displayed on the terminal at checkout.

There are no long-term contracts. There are no cancellation fees.

To eliminate fees and offer their customers a discounted option. A win-win. It is no surprise that both material and labor costs are up. Inflation is up nearly 300% over the last 3 years. Many businesses have never increased pricing to reflect the higher costs of doing business.

Labor and material costs are not in your control. Merchant processing fees are.

As a result, the number one reason why merchants are eliminating processing fees is to cover some of their greatly increased costs of doing business. Your customers will also still receive large reward points for using their credit cards.

The cash discount merchant program works by offering your customers a cash discount to pay with cash. The amount of the cash discount is typically the merchant fees you would pay. So you are not at any loss. For example, if you have 3% merchant fees, you would receive 3% less than any given charge amount with a credit card so you can pass that savings to your customer.

So if you have a $10.00 sale, the client would see on your credit card terminal that they could save 3% (.30) if they pay cash for a total of $9.70. If they elect to choose the cash discount, they can proceed by paying the same 3% on the terminal with their credit card for a total of $10.30.

Absolutely. One of them you likely interact with personally! Gas stations.

Even if you drive an electric vehicle, we’re sure you’ve seen the big signs offering a credit price and a cash price. They offer a discount for paying cash. With, our terminals will show both prices to your patients, clients, or customers.

Yes. Not only is it legal, but with, you will remain compliant as well.

There are no setup fees.

It is very simple. Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you have. If you’ve done your research and have no questions, we’ll send you an application. After approval, you’ll receive your free terminal and signage to display at checkout.

Yes. The terminal you use may not be compatible with offering a cash discount program and providing automated cash discount calculations. also has all the approved regulatory complaint signage to provide to you.

Nearly all where credit card fees are making a 3-4% dent in your business. Some industries such as dentists, plastic surgeons, hair salons, nail salons, auto dealers, auto mechanics, retail businesses, restaurants, service businesses, & more!

Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

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