We have been working with over 60 different plastic surgeons for the past 8 years helping them to grow their practice and get more efficient. Jeremy Katz, the owner of AdvertisingForSurgeons.com started using this cash discount service for his agency to save on wasted processing fees. Since it has helped increase net revenue so much, he has helped several of his plastic surgeon clients implement this cash discount program for their practice. On top of saving thousands of dollars a month, there are absolutely no set up fees or monthly fees and practices get free equipment upon signing up.

According to Statista, the global plastic surgery industry was valued at 593 billion US dollars in 2021 and is projected to reach more than 810 billion by the year 2030. After some digging, we identified the average amount of revenue generated each month for various plastic surgery types. Some plastic surgeons perform 5 to 15 surgeries per week, while others are performing over 30 procedures in a week. Based on our sources, plastic surgeons perform an average of 10 surgeries per week, or 40 per month.


Here are the average monthly revenues based on 40 surgeries per month with average fees coming directly from American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


Nose Reshaping: $216,360 / month
Eyelid Surgery: $131,280 / month
Facelift: $306,200 / month
Liposuction: $140,720 / month
Breast Augmentation: $157,880 / month

Rhinoplasty: $9,752
Eyelid Surgery: $4,120
Facelift: $8,005
Liposuction: $3,637
Tummy Tuck: $10,010
Mommy Makeover: $15,244
Breast Augmentation: $6,420


Based on our full analysis of calculations. There were 2940967 cosmetic procedures performed in the US in 2023. This is about 245,081 procedures per month. The total monthly net revenue of the cosmetic surgery industry in the US in 2023 is about $391 million. This does not include the amount of other non-surgical cases or other non-cosmetic surgery cases.


There are about 1,850 active members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. This means that the average monthly net revenue per surgeon is $391269176/1850 = $211,498

Based on statistics from ASPS and first hand industry analysis of over 60 plastic surgery practices, an established plastic surgery center earns roughly $167,000 to $485,000 per month.


Not all patients pay for services with credit cards and many finance their procedures with CareCredit. From our data, we estimate that the average amount of credit card revenue processed each month for plastic surgeon practices in the US is $150,000.


By switching your plastic surgery practice to cash discount credit card processing, you could save an average of $4,800 per month!


$4,800 per month is a significant saving towards the bottom line of your business. You can use that extra money to aggressively boost your adverting, pay the salary of a new employee or help pay other office expenses.


How will an extra $1,000 to $10,000 look for your practice depending on your current patient volume?


Here are some additional services you can get in exchange for switching your processing:


$500 – $1500 – Monthly Google Ads Management By Expert
$500 – $1500 – Monthly Search Engine Optimization By Expert
$500 – $1000 – Monthly Social Media Management By Expert
$3,000 – $7,000 – Monthly Salary For Additional Team Member
$500 – $2,500 – Monthly Payment for Leasing Plastic Surgery Equipment


At the end of the day, instead of wasting thousands of dollars each month, spend this additional money to boost customer service, invest in new equipment or be more aggressive with advertising.


Here is a payment calculator to determine roughly how much money you can save per month by switching to our cash discount program.

Monthly Savings*


Estimate the monthly savings when you pay 0% processing fees via our surcharge or cash discount program.

Monthly Credit Card Sales: $10,000 / Month

* Estimated Savings Per Month Based on a 3.5% Average Credit Card Processing Rate.

Cash discount credit card processing is a unique and innovative method of handling credit card transactions. It is growing significantly in popularity across various industries, especially with medical practices such as plastic surgery centers. This pricing model incentivizes patients to pay for services with cash or zelle by offering a discount on the listed price. The patients also have options to pay for services via credit card instead of cash and they pay regular prices. By giving patients the option to pay cash or credit card, this allows practices to offset merchant credit card processing fees. Why should you have to pay for your customers credit card airline miles or cash back bonuses when you are offering your services? There are surely much better ways to spend the 3-4% of fees to scale your practice and your patients have the option to pay different ways. At EliminateCardFees.com, our US based friendly customer service representatives will hold your hand through the entire onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition. On top of that, we never ask for any contracts, and there are absolutely no setup charges whatsoever.


This simple, yet innovative program is a revolutionary and completely legal way to control costly credit card fees. It does not just reduce fees but completely eliminates them! Typically, you’ve probably thought these fees were a required “cost of doing business” expense but that is not the case anymore. A cash discount program removes your monthly processing fees, PCI compliance fees, termination fees, annual fees and other BS fees. This is not a small discount but a significant savings each and every month. Some of our established practices are saving over $10,000 USD per month!

  1. Fee Structure: Unlike traditional processing, in which the fees associated with processing are incurred by the merchant, cash discount processing shifts the financial burden of these fees onto the customers who choose to pay with credit cards.
  2. Incentivizing Cash Payments: Payments in cash should be encouraged to give patients an option to save some money on procedures but it also lowers transaction costs for surgeons, which automatically increases profitability.

  3. Transparency: Cash discount programs have a responsibility to fully disclose the discount that is made available to patients who pay with cash. This differs from traditional systems, which may conceal processing expenses.

  4. Impact on Sales and Customer Experience: Some patients may be attracted to the lower price for paying with cash as they realize that 3-4% of several thousands of dollars for a procedure is a significant amount of money. Standard processing can cause patients to be frustrated with extra fees they weren’t expecting after agreeing to a certain amount. The cash discount program gives patients options and boosts the overall customer experience.

Cash discount programs are not a new concept; but have existed for over a decade. EliminateCardFees.com has been helping practices save thousands per month since 2017. Now in 2023, the cost of doing business is increasing every single year and it doesn’t help that inflation is now close to 9%. The cost of labor and medical devices continues to increase at a drastic rate and more and more practices are switching their merchant processing to cash discount programs.


A number of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and other business owners have made the decision to stop funding the extravagant credit card incentive schemes that their customers participate in. If you switched to cash discount, you would be charging the customer the same amount as they are charged for processing.

google pay apple pay cash discount programs
google pay apple pay cash discount programs
The key advantages of using Google Pay & Apple Pay cash discount programs are consumer convenience. A perfect example recently happened in my personal life. I ran out the door to bring my two kids to the park and had a blast. Afterwards, they got hungry and requested McDonalds. I pulled into the drive through and forgot my wallet! Rather than entertain the thought to go 10 minutes home then 10 minutes back, I remembered I could use Google Pay! This made my day.
Now for the merchant, if I wouldn’t have been able to use Google Pay then they potentially could’ve lost my business. When I went home to grab my wallet, I likely would’ve just tried to make the kids some food at home. I don’t think there is one larger advantage than keeping a customer to place an order as opposed to having a customer leave because they forgot their primary payment method.

Disadvantages of Google Pay & Apple Pay Cash Discount Programs

As for consumer disadvantages of using Apple Pay or Google Pay cash discount programs, there would be a couple. In my opinion it is battery life and the requirement of internet connectivity. If you have no internet or a phone with no battery, this payment method will simply not work.
There are also a couple merchant disadvantages as well. One would be the requirement to have a modern terminal. Most companies charge for modern terminals or to upgrade an existing terminal. So there would be a cost associated with it. Another large disadvantage similar to card transactions is that payments can be disputed.
Both Google Pay & Apple Pay have have partnered with various POS systems and payment processors to accelerate adoption. The more integrations they are able to accomplish, the less likely a merchant will need to upgrade their terminal. This has had a profound impact on adoption as a merchant would gladly accept this form of payment as from their side it is nearly identical to accepting cards.

What Our Internal Data Says About Apple Pay & Google Pay

Based on our internal data, recent changes have made U.S retailers happy to accept Google Pay & Apply Pay. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, when businesses re-opened they did not want to handle cash which may be covered in a virus which was spread very easily. This would put their staff in danger of acquiring the virus which is avoidable with contactless payments. Supermoney wrote an incredible article on Apple Pay & Google Pay and includes some great takes on the topic.

Google Pay & Apple Pay have evolved greatly. In my opinion, it is mainly about integrations. For instance, you can now use Google Pay & Apply Pay with public transportation. I expect to see continued integrations so utilizing this payment will be as popular as utilizing a credit card. In the future, I see more countries will be able to utilize this innovative payment technologies in which the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantage for both the consumer and the merchant. Google Pay & Apple Pay cash discount programs will continue to thrive and take marketshare in our opinion.

17 Oct, 2023

Something to keep in mind when you are wanting to eliminate all of your credit card processing fees is that you have primarily two options. You can opt for a cash discount program or a surcharge program. Both are exactly the same when it comes to eliminating the credit card processing fees but the programs differ when one chooses to pay with cash.

Both of these programs have their advantages and disadvantages which we will review on this blog post. The goal is to help those who are unsure which direction to take when comparing a surcharge program vs a cash discount program.

The reason why most people get this far into the research process is simple. Instantly realizing an extra 3%+ on gross revenue (if a majority is credit card sales) is an attractive proposition. To become more profitable, you must cut expenses or increase sales. You can turbocharge your business by utilizing the savings to fuel additional advertising or marketing efforts proven to yield a positive ROI. But let’s take a look at when you could use each program.

When You Could Choose a Cash Discount Program

A cash discount program works great in commoditized industries. This is because you can attract customers by marketing your cash discount program that cares about deals. Most people prefer coupons and saving money, especially with high inflation. Some examples include convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

You can buy a coca cola anywhere but instead of you paying the credit card processing fees and receiving 3.5% less, you offer that discount to the customer. This enables you to stand out from all the other companies just doing the status quo and expecting to grow.

Also keep in mind that while the marketing sounds great, many people will happily pay more money for the convenience of using their cards. Want a perfect example? How often do you run into the gas station to save a few extra percent on gas? Sure – some people do. Based on my observations nearly every single car always inserts their card into the gas station pump.

When You Could Choose a Surcharge Program

A surcharge program works great in non-commoditized industries. You might be thinking, when is price ever secondary!? There are a few industries! Such as hotels that always charge resort surcharges, parking surcharges, and credit card surcharges will just be looked upon as “another” expense, etc.

Also consider plastic surgeons or cosmetic dentists, many patients will search for days, weeks, or months to find the perfect surgeon by analyzing their before and afters. Surely a customer who has gone through extreme due diligence wouldn’t mind paying an extra 3.5% to 4%. In fact, recently after getting new tires there was a sign in the shop that said all credit card transactions will incur a 4% non-cash rate adjustment. So even auto repair shops are using surcharge programs.

Surcharge programs work great if you prefer not to give a cash discount to your customers and be ultra-profitable with the transition from traditional processing to a surcharge program. You’ll have your credit card fees covered and cash covered, netting 100% of the sale price every time.

12 Sep, 2023

Eliminate Card Processing Fees

Zero Setup Fees

No More Annual Rate Hikes

Increase Net Revenue. Instantly.

Free Point of Sale Terminal* (POS)

No Contracts

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!

We have worked with plastic surgeons since 2013 and one of our co-founders Jeremy, has helped over 60 plastic surgeons scale with efficient marketing. We are experts in this space and we can help you save wasted processing fees to spend on growing faster with ads.


Since we appreciate you for reading our article, take a screenshot of this on your device and send to [email protected] to get a free elaborate Google Ads campaign set up and 3 months of expert management when you sign your practice up with our cash discount program! Jeremy has been a Google Premier Partner since 2013 and generated over $275 Million in revenue for clients. He is the trusted PPC expert for 4 different plastic surgery marketing agencies and renowned consultants.

We are a company that truly cares about your complete satisfaction and your success. By working with EliminateCardFees.com, you know you will be in good hands since we are all US based and real people. Call us during normal business hours or sometimes even after business hours and you will get a friendly representative to answer all your questions.


You don’t just get great customer service when you sign up! We go above and beyond even after you sign up and treat you like part of our family. Our company is very family orientated and we look out for each other. Since we are experts in the plastic surgery space, we connect you with the best services and technology that we recommend to help you succeed.

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!

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Give us a call at 877.624.8043 or fill out the form and a representative will reach out to you to answer any questions and send you the application to begin.


There are no setup fees. After approval, you will receive a free terminal that automates the cash discount program. There is no money out of pocket.


Our team will analyze your historical rates to identify a discount rate that is applicable to you. Typical rates are 3-4%.


To maintain compliance, you will have to post the signage. This is also great as it shows customers that you offer a cash discount!