Animal Hospital Cash Discount Program Savings Calculator

Learn how much you can save after implementing a cash discount program for animal hospitals. Animal hospital surcharge programs vary by state.


Monthly Savings*


Estimate the monthly savings when you pay 0% processing fees via our surcharge or cash discount program.

Monthly Credit Card Sales: $10,000 / Month

* Estimated Savings Per Month Based on a 3.5% Average Credit Card Processing Rate.

An Introduction to Animal Hospital Cash Discount Programs

Animal hospital cash discount programs and surcharge programs are being implemented more and more. Many animal hospitals do not look at their merchant statements. Unfortunately, the industry is full of visible fees and non-visible fees. We’re talking credit card processing fees, PCI compliance fees, gateway fees, terminal fees, software fees, annual fees, and more. Imagine a world where there were no fees. That is the program we’ve created at

The savings each animal hospital can realize is nothing short of impressive. The larger savings are usually seen across the board. Sometimes smaller animal hospitals have higher credit card processing fees, so eliminating them completely can make a big impact. These savings can allow you to utilize funds for advertising, marketing, and in some of the larger animal hospitals, even hiring another veterinarian.

The importance of these savings cannot be understated. Especially when you factor in how inflation has impacted so many businesses. If you are like other animal hospital owners, you’ve likely seen both the cost of goods and the cost of labor continue to increase. In fact, a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the cost of labor has increased 4.5%.

It is not uncommon for some animal hospitals to be paying 3.5% or more in processing fees. So even eliminating processing fees isn’t enough for you to break even. However, many do not wish to raise their prices so applying a surcharge to credit card purchases significantly helps mitigate the increased cost of labor and other costs. Customers still have the choice to pay with a debit card or even cash to avoid a non-cash rate adjustment. Most are happy to hear that this isn’t a brand new concept, cash discount programs for animal hospitals have been around for ages.

Reviewing the Benefits of an Animal Hospital Cash Discount Programs

There are numerous benefits of proceeding with an animal hospital cash discount program from The reason our program is specifically mentioned is that while others might reduce your credit card fees, we eliminate them. If that isn’t enough, we eliminate the other fees.

Therefore, our first benefit is that our program actually eliminates credit card processing fees, not reduce them. A majority of offers on the market are to reduce the fees by 10 basis points. Significant savings are made when you eliminate them. If you skipped past the calculator above, go see how much your animal hospital could save.

Another large benefit is the elimination of all other fees. As mentioned above, most animal hospitals are accustomed to random fees like early termination fees, monthly fees, terminal fees, annual fees, gateway fees, and more. Our team works with you to eliminate the PCI compliance fee (not in our control, but we know how to help you eliminate it!) and never tack on any other fees.

Let’s keep the benefits rolling! Another one is there is no costly contract that you are locked into. You are free to leave the program at any time if you find it isn’t right for you. In fact, we offer a complimentary return to traditional processing with the need to change equipment if you don’t like eliminating all your fees for some reason. This shows how confident we are that we will eliminate the fees you pay to accept credit cards.

The technology offered with our program does all the calculating for you and setup couldn’t be easier or simpler. Your customer will automatically see an option for cash or a card. Signage is also included as well as the training of your employees on how to answer any questions about the program if that would be helpful to you.

The last benefit would be not having to raise your prices due to factors outside of your control. You can simply give you clients the option to pay your current prices with cash or debit (with a surcharge program) or even give them a cash discount deal! vs Other Merchant Providers


Processing Fees?

Setup Fees?

3.5%+ Processing Fees

Termination Fees?

$195 to $1,495+

Hidden Month Fees?

$295 Termination Fee

PCI compliance fees?

Very Common

Setup Total:


$195 to $1,995 Setup

Monthly Fees:


$1,000 to $10,000+

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Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!


Let’s Look at a Real Example of a Client’s Payment Responsibility

With the average cost rendered for animal hospital services being $800 to $1,500 according to, we will use $1,200.00.

So in this example – if a client decided to pay with cash you would have two options. If you opted for the animal hospital cash discount program, you could reward them by offering a 3.5% discount for a total of $1,158.00. Your terminal would do all the calculations for you. If you opted for a surcharge program, there would be no cash discount. Surcharge programs for animal hospitals are available in most states. Contact us for details.

If your client chose to pay with a credit card with either an animal hospital cash discount or a surcharge program, a 3.5% non-cash rate adjustment would be added. This would make the total $1,242.00. This amount would cover the processing fees that are currently being dedicated from your bank account. So say goodbye to enriching the large processing companies and you’ll net the same as if you took cash. Remember, your client has the choice to avoid the rate adjustment by paying with cash. Many times, clients just pay with their credit cards to stack airline miles or other benefits from their exotic credit card reward programs.

Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!


How to Start Offering a Cash Discount Program


Give us a call at 877.624.8043 or fill out the form and a representative will reach out to you to answer any questions and send you the application to begin.



There are no setup fees. After approval, you will receive a free terminal that automates the cash discount program. There is no money out of pocket.



Our team will analyze your historical rates to identify a discount rate that is applicable to you. Typical rates are 3-4%.



To maintain compliance, you will have to post the signage. This is also great as it shows customers that you offer a cash discount!