Private School Cash Discount Program Savings Calculator

Learn how much our private school cash discount program can save you each month. The results might surprise you!


Monthly Savings*


Estimate the monthly savings when you pay 0% processing fees via our surcharge or cash discount program.

Monthly Credit Card Sales: $10,000 / Month

* Estimated Savings Per Month Based on a 3.5% Average Credit Card Processing Rate.

An Overview of Cash Discount Programs for Private Schools

Once you have estimated your savings after the implementation of a private school cash discount program, your interest is likely peaked. On this page, we’ll do our best at showcasing the benefits, give examples of the program in action, show how it works, and more!

First, we’ll take a look at why so many private schools’ surcharge programs have already been implemented. According to, It is estimated that 77% of private schools add these processing fees! So if you are in the 23% group that doesn’t include a surcharge program for your private school, you are leaving thousands upon thousands of dollars each month on the table.

A question that we always ask our clients when we speak is – How often do you look at your merchant statement along with the associated fees? Do you know the purpose of each one? Even in the rare cases when someone does look at the merchant statement, they have no idea what the purpose of all those fees is. Upon closer examination, you’ll likely see monthly fees, software fees, gateway fees, batch fees, and processing fees. These fees typically equate to around 3.5% of the gross amount that you collect.

With the cost of labor and cost of goods at an all-time recent high along with inflation, reducing expenses is more important than ever. offers an innovative program that truly eliminates all credit card processing fees without adding new fees. These savings can be used in any way you wish. Some private schools use the savings to fund advertising or marketing activities, scholarship programs, teacher bonuses, hiring of staff, etc.

Learn the Advantages - Cash Discount Programs for Private Schools

The advantages of both surcharge programs for private schools and cash discount programs are numerous. That is why over 77% of private schools already have these programs implemented. However, that leaves over 7,000 schools leaving money on the table. So if you are one of the 7,000; here’s why the majority already have this innovative program implemented.

The main reason is savings. As you likely saw by using our savings calculator, it is often in the thousands and often in the tens of thousands. Of course, this depends on your enrollment numbers. According to PrivateSchoolReview, in 2023 the average number of students enrolled in a private school is 174. The more students you have, the higher your tuition, and the more that parents pay with credit cards will all influence the large savings.

Next up is what you can do with the savings. An advantage of reducing expenses is the fact you can use it to fuel your growth. If you are missing enrollment numbers, you can utilize these funds on a monthly basis to market your private school.

Some schools that opt for a cash discount program will offer a discount if a parent pays with cash. This works great for schools that want to stand out vs the competition and are rather new. It is an innovative way to differentiate yourself. However, if you are nearly at capacity it probably wouldn’t make sense to offer a cash discount program. In the next section, we’ll take a look at the differences of these two programs which both eliminate all credit card processing fees. vs Other Merchant Providers


Processing Fees?

Setup Fees?

3.5%+ Processing Fees

Termination Fees?

$195 to $1,495+

Hidden Month Fees?

$295 Termination Fee

PCI compliance fees?

Very Common

Setup Total:


$195 to $1,995 Setup

Monthly Fees:


$1,000 to $10,000+

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Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!


How it Works - Private School Cash Discount Programs vs Surcharge

How it works is quite simple. The difference between the programs really boils down to one difference. With cash discount, you are discounting the cash price. Both programs add a non-cash rate adjustment to credit card transactions automatically at the terminal.

Private school surcharge program:

When a parent pays their tuition or enrollment dues, the terminal will ask cash or credit. If the parent selects cash, your current rate will appear. Only if the parent selected credit as their choice of payment will the terminal add a 3.5% non-cash rate adjustment to the total.

Private school cash discount program:

Unlike the surcharge program above, a cash discount program will reduce the cash payment. The logic is you are currently paying 3.5% in processing fees if they paid credit, so you are giving the parent that difference as opposed to the processing company.

If a parent selected credit, the terminal will automatically add a 3.5% non-cash rate adjustment to their total. Note: You are not profiting from this transaction, but merely breaking even to cover the costs of the payment method chosen by the parent.

Looking at a Real Private School Tuition

According to PrivateSchoolReview, the national average tuition is $12,427. That will be our example figure. If you offer payment plans, you could divide all of the following numbers by 12.

With a cash discount program, the total is $12,427. However, if they choose cash there will be a discount of 3.5% ($434.94). Making the new total $11,992.06. If the parent chose a credit card for the transaction on a cash discount program, you would add 3.5% ($434.94) to the total.

With a surcharge program, the total is $12,427. If they choose cash, the price will stay the same with no cash discount. If the parent chose credit as their payment option, the terminal would increase the total of $12,427 by 3.5% ($434.94) for a total of $12,861.94.

Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!


How to Start Offering a Cash Discount Program


Give us a call at 877.624.8043 or fill out the form and a representative will reach out to you to answer any questions and send you the application to begin.



There are no setup fees. After approval, you will receive a free terminal that automates the cash discount program. There is no money out of pocket.



Our team will analyze your historical rates to identify a discount rate that is applicable to you. Typical rates are 3-4%.



To maintain compliance, you will have to post the signage. This is also great as it shows customers that you offer a cash discount!