Batch Processing

Term – Batch Processing

Summary – A systematic way to handle several payment transactions from a specific time period which is usually at the end of a business day at a set time. The batch processing time is important because if you miss the cutoff, funds will typically take longer to be deposited into the merchants account. Batch processing is used by cash discount program and merchant processing companies to settle card transactions in an efficient manner.

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Benefits of Batch Processing

Batch processing comes with several benefits:

  1. It is Efficient: Batch processing enables the processing of a large volume of transactions to be streamlined systematically.
  2. Reconciliation: Reconciling sales and having access to granular transaction history is advantageous for several reasons.
  3. Security: Different processors offer different fraud protection techniques to assist merchants in reducing fraud.
  4. Reporting: Detailed reporting helps merchants understand their sales better and any applicable patterns.
  5. Automation: Manual intervention is a thing of the past with batch processing automation.
  6. Audit Trail: For dispute resolution, audit trails can provide immense value.

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