Quickbooks Edge Processing Program Savings

How much can you save? Quickbooks users are saving thousands each month by eliminating all processing fees, enter your monthly processing volume.


Monthly Savings*


Estimate the monthly savings when you pay 0% processing fees via our surcharge or cash discount program.

Monthly Credit Card Sales: $10,000 / Month

* Estimated Savings Per Month Based on a 3.5% Average Credit Card Processing Rate.

Keep Quickbooks. Eliminate ALL Credit Card Processing Fees.

Imagine you could keep QuickBooks but eliminate all of your credit card processing fees. According to Enlyft, the average revenue from a Quickbooks user is 1M – 10M in annual revenue. From a savings standpoint, that means the average Quickbook user based on that data could save around $3,500 a month to $35,000 per month! To save that sort of money, you’d likely think you’d have to jump through hoops, cancel Quickbooks, migrate your accounting software, etc. That is not the case.

Eliminate Card Fees has made it fast, simple, and easy to realize significant savings by eliminating all of your processing fees. This is accomplished with our Edge Program.

Did you know that there are over 20+ different fees most processors charge in addition to the standard 3%+ per charge? Our company eliminates every single one of them. Even the couple of fees that are mandatory, our company actually pays them on your behalf! This frees up thousands of dollars per month that you can use any way you see fit. Now let’s take a look at how it all works.

How it All Works - The Details of the Edge Program for Quickbooks Users

This program to eliminate processing fees for Quickbooks users does not exist anywhere else to our knowledge because our company has created it. All random fees are not only reduced, but all of them are actually eliminated. This can save you hundreds to thousands per year in fees depending on how many fees your rep added to your processing agreement.
Then you have the required fees from the major credit card companies. These cannot be eliminated but as gas stations have done for decades, you can pass the small 3-4% to the customer for electing to use a card. If you observe customers at the gas pump, you’ll notice nearly every single person pays with their card. They are OK paying slightly more for the convenience of the card, but there is also another reason that many forget about.

Customer is happy to pay the additional 3-4% at the gas pump because they are getting reward points from their credit card companies. Whether it is airline miles, cash back points, or hotel room stays, the benefits usually match or exceed the 3-4%. For instance, some credit cards offer 6% cashback at grocery stores! So even at a 4% non-cash adjustment rate, the customer still is up 2% on the transaction. This is why many people do not mind using their cards. For both convenience and card benefits. Lastly, if you do B2B transactions many business owners like to use time as leverage and delay paying for 30 days so they can better use their liquid capital.

With the Edge Program (our unique cash discount program), if someone wishes to pay cash they pay the same price you currently charge. This program is far better than increasing pricing which impacts everyone regardless of their payment method. However, we’ve found most consumers will still choose to pay with their cards!

EliminateCardFees.com vs Other Merchant Providers


Processing Fees?

Setup Fees?

3.5%+ Processing Fees

Termination Fees?

$195 to $1,495+

Hidden Month Fees?

$295 Termination Fee

PCI compliance fees?

Very Common

Setup Total:


$195 to $1,995 Setup

Monthly Fees:


$1,000 to $10,000+

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Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!


The Quickbooks Edge Program - A Mathematical Example

To eliminate processing fees with Quickbooks, let’s take a look at a customer scenario so you can see the Edge program in action. This is what allows you to save thousands each month. If you are a boat mechanic and your average charge is $500.00, we’ll use that example.

Quickbooks Edge Program Paying With Cash:

If a client elects to pay cash, the total would stay $500.00.

Quickbooks Edge Program Paying With Card:

If a client elects to pay with a card, the total would increase by 4% ($20). With a retail price of $520.00 or a cash price of $500.00.

Our equipment and terminals do the math for you to make the implementation of this program a breeze.

Get the Best Support in the Industry

Of course, saving thousands brought you here. But we’re different. Give us a shot and you’ll see we value giving A+ support which has been lost in this industry. This can be proven by one question. When was the last time you spoke to your merchant processing rep? Do you know their name?

This is an important question because new technology has come out such as 5.5-inch touchscreen terminals with tap-to-pay functionality among other amazing features. Our clients doing over $10k per month are getting free terminals with customers doing over $20k per month getting the top-of-line models at no cost.

Our team set out to change this industry. Transparency. Truly eliminating all fees. And putting money back into small business owners’ pockets was our #1 goal. It is our mission from day one and remains our mission today.

Give us 10-15 minutes of your time and allow us to serve you.

Are you ready to start paying 0% in processing fees?

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!


How to Start Offering a Cash Discount Program


Give us a call at 877.624.8043 or fill out the form and a representative will reach out to you to answer any questions and send you the application to begin.



There are no setup fees. After approval, you will receive a free terminal that automates the cash discount program. There is no money out of pocket.



Our team will analyze your historical rates to identify a discount rate that is applicable to you. Typical rates are 3-4%.



To maintain compliance, you will have to post the signage. This is also great as it shows customers that you offer a cash discount!